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Calling the Right Brea Locksmith: Keyless Locks, 3 of the Most Common

Locking systems are constantly evolving Brea Locksmith sees many new systems come into the market each year.  One such system requires no key at all Brea Locksmith does not favor a particular system.  However it’s a good idea to learn about the various systems that are out there.  Brea Locksmith has put this article together to help you understand locking systems that encompass a no key use.

#1 Remote Key Systems

Simply put a remote or keyless lock system is made up of two parts the lock and the remote or pad.  RKS systems are widely used in cars, but Brea Locksmith is aware that RKS units are gaining use in home and business settings.  Here is what Brea Locksmith knows about them.

a. These are electronic or electrical systems.  A keyless remote system main component is a radio transmitter.  The transmitter located in the remote sends a radio signal to a receiver in the lock.  The coded signal locks and unlocks the door.

b. Keyless or RKS units have a range that is short, Brea Locksmith notes that a system range of 60 feet is typical for RKS units.  The types of signals are generally radio though in the beginning an infrared system was employed.  The infrared system is still used though not as much as a radio one.

c. In some cases the system can be programmed by the user for easier access, while still offering a strong security function.  Brea locksmith does recommend using a system that you can program.

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#2 Keyless locks keypad version

Another type of keyless system that City] Locksmith knows of is the keypad.  Brea locksmith notes that these are commonly found at business locations.  The concept is simple.  A combination, numeric or alpha is employed to open the lock.  In some cases the same combination is used to close the close the lock as well.  A real interesting type of keyless lock uses a unique identifier, and City] Locksmith really likes it because it can be activated by voice.  These systems are strictly electrical in nature and are often connected to a central system that can track entry and exit.

#3 Locks that use cards

Card systems are another of the main types of locking sytems  Brea Locksmith knows about.  Inserted or swiped they unlock the door.  Brea locksmith notes that these systems are very often found in hotels and motels.  The cards can be programmed to unlock a specific door or in the case of a master can unlock all of the doors.  Sometimes called a magnetic swipe system these units work exceptionally well at controlling access points.  Business like Brea locksmith also use a magnetic or swipe card to control access to rooms.  The card can also be in the form of a badge that can be scanned.

If you are looking to install a new system or upgrade from an old one you may want to consider a keyless system.  Brea locksmith recommends having these systems professionally installed to ensure that the system works at it’s best.  Contacting Brea Locksmiths for a free no obligation quote is the first step in the process.  In business since xx Brea Locksmiths has been installing electric and electronic lock systems since they became available.  Highly trained professional and available to meet all your needs with respect to lock systems Brea locksmith recommended Brea Locksmiths is ready to answer your call at 714-495-2356.